Monday, April 28, 2014

The world owes us nothing

Letter to my future self #1

Dear Amy,

Hey, it's me, Amy in year 2014. I am currently in Australia. Easter holidays have just ended and classes are starting on Wednesday. I have been in Australia for almost 3 months now and the things I have learned are amazing. The reason I am writing this now Amy, is because I want to remind you that the world owes you nothing. Perhaps you might be going through obstacles in life right now. Perhaps you are unsatisfied with your job or maybe some things did not go according to plan but hey, it is okay. 

This letter should come in handy to serve as a wake up call, Amy. The world owes you nothing. If you want something, go for it, it would not come to you. If there is something holding you back from achieving something, face it head on and do not surrender. Often times, you might think your personal achievements is suppose to have everything fall into place by itself but that is not how it works. Nothing will or should go according to your favor just because you think you deserve it. Everything you want fulfilled must happen because of your own effort. 

Perhaps you do not remember what you have learned in Australia, let me remind you. Remember waking up to the days where you would find yourself unable to walk? Well, you did not let that stop you from going on about life as usual. You still had to do your chores, assignments, cook, do the laundry and etc. Remember that one night you had a panic attack? Well, you have to take care of yourself regardless of what happens because nobody is responsible for you. Remember those missed opportunities (conferences, networking sessions, study abroad in Italy) ? Those were missed opportunities because you decided not to go for it. Those opportunities were not obligated to be yours, if you want something, you have to work towards it, it does not come to you. 

There, there Amy, you might be wondering why is the world so unjust, unfair and biased. However, it is not. The world works this way; it is an empty canvas, if you want to leave a mark on it, you have to paint on it with your own effort. 

That is all for now. Remember, "The world owes us nothing". Whatever you are going through right now, brighter days will come so just be a little braver, hold on a little tighter and everything will be alright.

Love, Amy (20 years old; 28 April 2014 in Melbourne, Australia)

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