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Personality quizzes: Getting to know me better

There is a quiz trend lately by Talent Today, which have been spreading like wildfire. I never really find personality quizzes accurate but this particular one by Talent Today is quite surprising.

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It has about 100 questions and a detailed analysis after the results are posted. Below is an analysis of mine and I thought it might be interesting to share a bit about myself through this personality quiz.

There are 5 categories that were analyze. I will start with the "yellow" category, which is "Communicate".

Communicate 4.3 

Ease in Public 5/10
You can be reserved but that does not prevent you from expressing your opinion in public or to new people.

This sentence is extremely accurate. I'm an introvert and most of the time I prefer to stay silent and observe discussions. However, if I take strong interest in a topic or if a discussion concerns something I'm passionate about then I can become very vocal about my point of views.

Opening up to Others 2/10 (Lowest)
You can be suspicious of other people's ideas, you find it difficult to pay attention to the ideas of others.

I am not exactly proud of this because this stems from trust issues. Generally, I love listening to other people's opinion but because I have very strong individual personality. I tend to be very skeptical towards other's ideas and opinions.

Diplomacy 3/10
You favor direct method of communication. You may sometimes be insensitive to your audience.

Extremely accurate, I dislike people who beat around the bush or put up a fake frontal act. If someone is unhappy about anything I would love to hear their honest opinion about it and vice versa. If I do not agree with anything I do not hesitate to voice my opinion. In terms of being insensitive, I guess this is pretty accurate because if I were to be honest I would not care if I'm directly disagreeing with the CEO.

Persuasion 7/10
You do not necessarily like to argue, but do not hesitate to defend your points of view when necessary.

As mentioned, I can be very vocal in defending what I believe in, but I do not partake in childish and unnecessary arguments as it does not contribute to any greater good and is a waste of time.

Manage 5

Leading 8/10 
You are influential and like to make decisions in a group. You find it easy to assume the role as a leader.

I would say this is a natural habit of mine since young. I have been actively engaged in leadership roles since primary school and thus, I tend to take up leadership roles wherever I go. Whether or not I am good at it all the time is another matter that could only be identified with results.

Taking Responsibility 2/10 (Lowest)
You are careful and show restraint before committing to a project, you do not wish to assume sole responsibility for any failure.

Extremely accurate. I used to commit to anything that came my way. However, after years of training with AIESEC and time management problems, I have learned to take careful considerations before taking up commitments. I would say this have taught me the importance of prioritizing.

Organization 4/10
You are flexible, you rely more on your ability to adapt than on your comprehensive approach to achieve results.

Extremely accurate. I guess this is a results of my project management experience. After managing a few projects I have learned the importance to be flexible towards situations and problems. Ever since coming to Australia on my own I have became more adaptable to just about any changes.

Vision 6/10
You are able to focus on details and address situations objectively to be more efficient.

Do I focus on details and address situations objectively? It depends, sometimes I look at the bigger picture instead of narrowing it down to details. It really depends on the situation on what I'm working at but yes, at the end of the day, I'm all about efficiency. (As Wei-Lim have put it, it is not that fun to work with me as I favor results above anything else)

Dare 7.8 (Highest Area)

Self-confidence 9/10 (Highest)
You are very self-assured and confident about your potential. You avoid questioning your situation when it is not necessary.

There is no point in hiding this side of me. Yes, I am confident in my own potential. I may not be the best but I have always pushed myself to be closest to the best. I have worked hard towards self-development, gaining experiences and learning new cultures so it is important to be confident about all that you have gained.

Independent mind 8/10 
You are not easily influenced and favor your own opinion. You are able to distance yourself from criticism.

This is both a pro and con. Yes, I favor my own opinion but I open myself to understanding other's opinion because that is how I grow but I do not conform to majority. I have a very strong individual personality, which could be hard to deal with.

Creativity 7/10
You show originality but without questioning established procedures.

That sentence is self-explanatory. I am from a creative background. I love anything to do with using my creativity and I find it really hard to follow routine, too mundane for me.

Autonomy 7/10
You like to develop independently even if you like sharing your achievements.

Very accurate. It should be clear by now that I value individuality. Then again, yes, I love sharing achievements because that is what happiness is, to be able to share what makes you happy with the people you care for and love. To achieve dreams and goals with others is a blessing but at the same time I value individual achievement a lot. Best of both worlds principles~

Adapt 3.8 (Lowest Area)

Stress-management 2/10 (Lowest)
You are sensitive to stress, you may lose your cool under pressure.

Everyone who knows me well or have worked with me will know I am really bad at managing stress. I work harder under high levels of stress. However, I tend to allow myself to be so stressed up that I will end up ill. How many times have I fell sick because of stress? A lot but I am working on it. These days, I take health very seriously.

Responsiveness 4/10
You like to analyze situations and give yourself the time to make decision. You may sometimes lack spontaneity.

Not that accurate as it depends on situation. If it is not urgent, then yes, I love to analyze the situation first before deciding on anything. However, if it is urgent and in dire need of attention then I am spontaneous about it. (This is according to what I have experience through L'Oreal Brandstorm)

Patience 6/10
You like to swiftly obtain concrete results. You are able, however, to be patient and look ahead to the future.

Have I ever mentioned I was 93KG back in high school? Yes, I think that is when I trained to be patient in achieving results. I trained 2 years to loose 45KG. My fittest self was 48KG. Self-explanatory, I can be very patient in achieving results. Then again, during that process I set mile stones for myself and yes, I like to obtain those milestones accordingly and if I do not, demotivation do set in often.

Respect for Authority 3/10
You don't like organization that are too authoritative. You like to benefit from a certain freedom of action, sometimes to the detriment of applicable rules.

Extremely accurate. Organizations that are too authoritative loathes me because I believe that in order to progress, innovate and improve is to be able to allow individual potentials to make change.

Excel 6.8 (Second Highest Area)

Determination 7/10
You are persistent and determined to meet your objectives, you do not give in when faced with difficulties.

Extremely accurate. If there is one strength I am not humble about it will be my level of determination. Not to boast or anything, the road to being champions of L'Oreal Brandstorm 2013 was not filled with unicorns or rainbows. It was filled with high levels of pressure, fighting against time, lots of arguments, tears, frustration and personal obligations but never have I once gave up. When I set my eyes on something, I get it done. I have permanent prolapsed lumbar discs now. It hurts doing minor chores like washing a few plates but will I let it stop me from greatness to come? No. Watch out for me.

Ambition 4/10
You wish to progress at your own pace. You do not attempt to climb the professional ladder at all costs.

There is a difference between wanting to climb that corporate ladder and being successful. I have all the intentions in the world to be successful but just not in the rat race. I have no interest in being a chess piece for the corporate world. Backstabbing and office politics to climb that ladder? No, not for me.

Work ethic 7/10
You are not afraid of hard work even if you like to keep time for yourself.

I am someone who can work until 4.30A.M. to finish up work at hand. I used to be a workaholic but not now. If I were to burn midnight oil for work these days it is because it is necessary. Life cannot be all rainbows and unicorns. Work life balance is flawed. Efficiency and results speaks for itself.

Competitive Spirit 9/10 (Highest)
You are comfortable in competitive situations. You like to be challenged and prefer competition to cooperation.

Not that accurate because I am not only comfortable in competitive situations I PERFORM BETTER IN COMPETITIVE SITUATIONS. In fact, competition is my source of motivation. Competition fuels me. I love to be challenge and I love to compete. This attitude of mine have been cultivated since primary school and I am proud of it. It makes me challenge even myself.


That is all for now. Was it accurate? I would say, yes, this personality test is by far one of the most accurate test I have taken. As you could see, I have a lot of room for improvements. Being abroad in Australia have taught me a lot and I am still learning day after day. Perhaps I will improve in certain areas after this.

Until then, cheers.
Amy Lim

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