Friday, April 26, 2013

[Event] S.H.E Together Forever concert in Malaysia 2013

Hey everyone,

S.H.E is back with their concert in Malaysia! It's S.H.E Together Forever concert. Fans, especially die hard fans like myself would definitely attend this concert, am I right?

Details of the concert in Malaysia as follows;

Date: 20th July 2013
Time: 8:00PM
Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil
Ticket price: RM588, RM488, RM428, RM368, RM268, RM228, RM168
Galaxy hotline; +603 2282 2020
Galaxy website:

The sitting plan is as follows;

I highly encourage neighboring countries S.H.E fans to attend the concert in Malaysia as well since the other destination for S.H.E Together Forever world tour does not include other ASEAN countries.

Airasia is having a promotion to fly to and fro from Kuala Lumpur so it should be relatively easy to get a cheap air fare to come here and back to your home country. So, don't miss out on S.H.E's concert!!

I'm definitely going; I have been a die hard fan of S.H.E for almost 7 years now. It all started with an episode of Hana Kimi Taiwan version and from then on, it was never looking back with S.H.E.

Two years ago, it was tragic, painful and unbearable to come to a truth that Selina was badly injured. I distinctively remember shedding tears of sorrow along with Selina when she was discharged from hospital after days of intensive care, surgery and treatment.

However, who would have thought that S.H.E would be able to have yet another concert two years later after all that has happened! I could not believe my eyes, ears, nose and mouth that S.H.E was going to perform a full fledge concert. It was already unbelievable to see all three of them on stage singing together. Until today I am still unsure and uncertain that Selina is able to withstand such long hours of singing and dancing on stage for hours.

So fans, Selina has come back very strong for us, to bring joy to us once again. Selina, Hebe and Ella are all coming back and they plan to stay together forever so as die hard fans we will be with them till no end!

Hope to see you at the concert; cheers!

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