Wednesday, May 1, 2013

[Music/K-Pop] SECRET's comeback

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May is officially here and it is the month of comebacks in the K-Pop scene! Well, if you are an avid Korean Pop follower or a fan then you should know what I'm referring to. I myself, am an avid listener to a few Korean bands/artistes. One of my favorite Korean girl group would be SECRET.

SECRET consists of 4 beautiful girls; their hit songs include Madonna, Poison and Talk That. However, this comeback brings the girls back to their youthful, fun and quirky image.

Their title song; YooHoo!

I personally find this song really catchy and it definitely suits the spring/summer ambience. However, I find the dance a tad too simple and boring. The choreography could have been better. Overall rating; 7.5/10.

Also, I find that it is utmost important not to judge one member is better than the other but rather, to find what each of them are best at; so here are my opinions.

SECRET's group leader, Hyo Sung (Most Charismatic)

She's also known as a 'Bagel Girl' in Korea which means a girl who has a very cute face with amazing body figure.

Hyo Sung most common topic of gossip among fans is her weight management. During her debut days she is often categorized as one of the fuller girls. However, upon shedding the extra pounds fans complain they prefer her previous image. (This is what we call, you just cannot please anyone so be happy about yourself)

However, Hyo Sung has been very happy about her current self which is what all girls should learn. Staying true to her 'Bagel Girl' image, Hyo Sung also landed herself an endorsement with an underwear brand in Korea known as YES.

SECRET's Sun Hwa (Most Appealing) 

Sun Hwa has a very unique appeal. Her uniqueness makes her stand out from the rest as she seems to be very shy but with a spicy personality.

It is because of her appearance on the show that allows fans to truly see a side of her that makes 
her more appealing.

Other than these two, there is Jung Hana and Ji Eun. Both of them do not have such a fan base as Hyo Sung and Sun Hwa. However, Ji Eun has got to be the member with the most powerful vocals. If you listen to all their songs, the most powerful vocals in the song is sung by Ji Eun. Also, Zinger which is known as Jung Hana now is best at rapping. 

Ji Eun (Best Vocal) 
Jung Hana (Best rapper)
More eye candy for you! 


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