Saturday, April 6, 2013

[Travel] Seoul, Korea The 2nd largest city in the world [Part 1]

Hey all,

I have finally found the time to write about my trip to Korea last December. Yes, I am 4 months late but considering the kind of blogger I am (a lazy one) this ain't too bad!

Did you know Seoul is the  2nd largest city in the world? Yes, you read me, it is not New York City or Mumbai it is Seoul, Korea with 10 billion people. First place goes to Tokyo, Japan housing more than 13 billion people in the city (crazy I tell you)

So my family and I opt for a tour to Korea with ABC travel agency. I really recommend their services because it is value for money. The tour guide did not bring us to any commercial (tourist money sucking places) during our 7 days there. Hotels were all really good ones ranking from 4 to 5 stars (with wifi *most important info for you, right?*) And food was excellent!

First compulsory picture taken in Seoul. A tip for all travelers going there during winter; always keep at least two warm winter apparel in your hand cary luggage. If you pack everything into your luggage then you're most probably going to freeze, and die. (Not even kidding)

You can gauge how cold it is by looking at the rather round yellow boy that looks close to a dumpling after we dawn on him at least four layers of clothing.

Couple shot of the people responsible for three monkeys running loose now on earth namely, my younger sister, brother and I.

We were holding hot coffees in our hands, we did everything we could to keep warm.

So we visited the grand palaces which was our first place of attraction. There were the Deoksugung, Gyeongbukgong and Changdeokgung palaces. 

This is the prime minister's office in the background.

Caption; Hey I am cold too!

After visiting ol' palaces we rushed off (literally rushing off) to play with ice. Tour packages seem to include a session of ice scripture during winter. That's me in the picture looking seemingly jolly to be murdering ice blocks.

And speaking about creepy, my dad bags first prize.

We were asked to carve a mug in anyway possible and use it later. It's just orange soda, the fun was murdering the ice.

That's all for now folks!

Part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 etc will be trailing on soon after (no it's not going to take another 4 months I assure you)

Cheers, have a nice day.

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  1. Hi! How many clothes do you wore? Are your boots designed for snow? Were going there on February 2014, that's why.
    Thank you!