Monday, June 30, 2014

Not everyone is living life

Letter to my future self #2

Dear Amy,

Yes, it is that time of the year again. Final exam period~

However, I just felt like writing to you another letter today because I overheard our dad said these few words, "Just live the days". You know we have always admired our dad, right? From time to time again he seem to give advices or say things that just makes so much sense. Amy, are you living life now?

Going to work from 9AM to 6PM everyday; earning money, spending money; meet new dead lines; meet expectations; repeat routine seven days a week, four weeks a month, 12 months a year.....this is not living life. If you are going through life repeating a day to day job then you are not living life. Living life is making a difference to the earth you are walking on; go out and plant a tree, support a recycling campaign, take the weekend off and visit the orphanage, spend some time at the old folks home, visit some old friends and see what is going on with their lives.

Moreover, are you neglecting some people because of your career? Do not forget, Amy that your end goal is not the pay check your job promises you; that is just a tool you need to achieve your end goal. Your end goal is to live a happy life and provide for your parents and family. Therefore, are you neglecting your end goal? Have dinner with your family every night, make sure your brother is adjusting to university well, do not forget to check on with Wei-Lim's well-being (is he stress up with work too?). There's so much one overlooks if they are too engrossed with their career, don't fall into that category.

Remember, the world we live in, the materialistic world that is, is created by humans. People created currency, big corporations, endless demand and supply cycles, commercials, technology. All these were created by human in vain. Do we really need to earn so much to fall prey to these endless and limitless cycle of cat and mouse? No, we do not. Life, just live it comfortably.

Do whatever it takes to provide enough for yourself and your family and live life the way you have always imagined it to be but do not forget your promises when you were younger. Stay true to your beliefs and principles. Do not let the ugly harsh poisonous world change you. Should there be change make it a good one. Change for the better and not the worst.

I know you can do it, Amy. Nothing has ever stopped you from achieving your dreams and goals so do not give up now.

Signing off, 20 years old Amy
Date: 30 June
Residing at: Clayton, Australia

Love you.

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