Wednesday, October 30, 2013

[Advertorial] Glasses Online

Hey guys,

If there is one regret in my life that I could never get over is not taking good care of my eyes last time. Thus, I'm cursed with wearing spectacles or contact lenses for the rest of my life. Did you know I spend on average RM150 per month on contact lenses? (For the daily wear type) Either that, it's around RM80 for the monthly wear contact lenses. My spectacles costs me around RM1000.....ridiculous...

Anyways, I'm here to share with you guys a new e-commerce website selling sun glasses, glasses and contact lenses. Hassle free shopping and payment options, quality guaranteed and most importantly free delivery. Read until the end for a shopping voucher worth RM20 for your next purchase.

Their services is guaranteed customer satisfaction. I kid you not, I have tried it out myself. If they were terrible, I'd be honest about it but it wasn't.

This is how their website looks like.
Very simple layout, easy to navigate and hassle free purchasing process. For example, when I purchased my contact lenses, I could easily roll my mouse over the navigation bar, select the brand I prefer and it will direct me to their catalogue.

You could even view the level of demand for the contact lenses, categories and a subscription option
There is a wide range of brands to choose from, some brands are available at optical stores, some exclusively online
Once you've selected your preferred product, there are a few options you could choose. Then, hit add to shopping cart. (I chose Charme Eclipse contact lenses, will do a review about it after a month)
Once you proceed to your shopping cart, it will need your verification on the product and any discount code, which, I am very happy to share with you guys, a discount voucher for any of your purchases above RM100 :) ! (Check it out at the end of this post)
After confirming the products you want, proceed to checkout, provide them with your details and preferred payment option. That's all, so simple!
I placed my order on a weekend and received my parcel 4 days after that. It was easy purchasing process, hassle free payment and fast delivery. The contact lenses I purchased is a monthly wear contact lenses. So, I'll be doing a review on it a month after this. Stay tuned for the results!

(I'm like a guinea pig for you guys, just kidding!! I like online shopping and I have tried countless contact lenses brands. It's either it doesn't suit me or it's too expensive. So I'm really hoping Charme Eclipse doesn't fail me)

My overall shopping experience for Glasses Online is a 4.5/5. 0.5 simply because there was a slight system bug when I was proceeding to the shopping cart. Other than that, I will purchase from them again~

By the way, here is your discount voucher! :)

With love,

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