Wednesday, September 11, 2013

[Drama] Lan Ling Wang // 兰陵王 Introduction

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My new found addiction/obsession/true love is mainland China's Lan Ling Wang 兰陵王 (Lan Ling King) I don't think it's The King of Lan Ling since Lan Ling is a title not the place he is from so let's correct that shall we?

Anyways! A little introduction on Lan Ling Wang.


China at this time was separated into two kingdoms, namely the Zhou Kingdom and the Qi Kingdom. Legend has it that a tribe of heavenly descendants known as the Wu tribe will bring victory to the kingdom who will rule the country. He who possesses the heavenly maiden will rule the world. Wu Xian, from the Wu tribe secluded herself, her granddaughter and the entire tribe from the chaotic world to protect them from harm.

However, she predicted a prophecy that there will be four people who will struggle and battle each other to change the fate of China. Two from Zhou Kingdom and the other two from the Qi Kingdom. Zhou Kingdom's king, Yu Wen Yong will be ruling in the shadow of his uncle Yu Wen Hu, the Minister. Yu Wen Hu will be the villain from Zhou Kingdom and his greed for power may be the cause of his downfall.

On the other hand, the other two important people from Qi Kingdom is Lan Ling Wang, also known as the God of War, real name, Gao Chang Gong. He is the emperor's fourth son. He is given the title Lan Ling Wang because of his war skills as well as his kind hearted nature, loved by many he will be the cause of his first brother's jealousy, the Crown Prince, Gao Wei.

Ironically, Gao Wei will not be the main villain from the Qi Kingdom, it will be the women behind Gao Wei instead that will cause chaos, she is Zheng Er. (And I am telling you this is the one character you will feel like slapping real hard the entire second half of the series)

Also, the person that will change the fate of these four important people will be none other than the heavenly maiden, Wu Xian's granddaughter, Xue Wu. Xue Wu is loved by all who knows her for her kind hearted nature and her intelligence beyond others.

This is a love story, not only a story of love between two (or three) people but rather a story of love between a leader and his people and country. You will laugh and cry really badly from episode one to the last episode. Are you ready for such a thrilling experience?



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