Monday, September 2, 2013

[Kpop] F(x)

Hey there,

I felt like doing another honest opinion kind of post on one of my favourite girl group from Korea. Let me introduce to you to one of the most unique girl group.......drum roll....wait!

The first song I listened to from F(x) was Pinocchio, which personally was not to my liking so I did not pay attention to them further. However, after awhile I became addicted to Sulli probably because of the drama 'To the beautiful you'. Then F(x) came out with Electric Shock and I was convinced that they are one of my favourites.

Moreover, this year, F(x)'s Rum Pum Pum Pum (Wisdom Tooth) is really good! Do check it out if you have not done so.

As usual, here is the list of my own opinion regarding each member of F(x)!

Adorable (visual): Sulli

F(x)'s Sulli also known as the Giant Baby mainly because of her height. I find her super adorable and her face just spells S.W.E.E.T and C.U.T.E all over it.

Also one of the youngest member of F(x) to make it very successful on her own. She has a very versatile and wide ranged portfolio, ranging from singing (with the group), hosting music shows and acting.

Not only that, the number of endorsement deals she has is considered impressive for someone her age.

Her upcoming project is a movie from South Korea, so do anticipate it.

PS// However, I do think her singing is not as good as her acting. 

Amazing personality: Amber

Don't be fooled by her outlook, she's female. I seriously do not like it when people make fun of her looks because she has an amazing personality!

By the way, Amber is not raised in Korea so she speaks perfect English. Although she may not be the typical 'perceived' beauty in the industry, her outgoing, adventurous, kind, fun and strong personality just made her more beautiful than a lot of 'so called' pretty faces among girl groups.

She is not afraid to speak up for her members and herself when needed. She is always there for her friends. What is not to like about Amber? Nothing.

PS// She raps too. Beat that. 

A true beauty: Luna

First of all, let me introduce her by saying this: SHE IS VERY UNDERRATED. I believe Luna has not been given enough opportunity to show the world her talent. She has the best vocal in the entire group (powerful and versatile range of singing).

Also, I think she is one of the most beautiful F(x) member. When she smiles, you literally melt. Tyra Banks would tell her she has an excellent SMIZE (smiling with your eyes).

PS// SM, give her more opportunities like the other members!

A bread winner: Krystal

When it comes to endorsements, Krystal sure does get a lot of it. I believe it is because she is a jack of all traits. She sings. She has the looks. Plus, she has Jessica as her sister too so if any company want a win-win contract deal just pair them up and that's certainly a successful sold out package.

I mean, she's successful on her own. Her sister is successful on her own. Combine them and that's the perfect package you need.

PS// That's all I can comment about her. Never really paid attention to Krystal. Not in any position to say much.

ALL-IN-ONE: Victoria Song

You remember everything I said about every single member earlier? 

Well, just combine everything and put it here (_________________________________________________________).

Pick one and fill in the blanks. Any answer is correct. 
  • She is beautiful
  • She has amazing personality
  • She can sing 
  • Her dance is so powerful it is always a joy to watch her perform
  • She is funny
  • She is talented (did I mention flexible too? Yes, that as well)
  • She scores endorsement deals all the time
  • She is amazing on variety shows
  • She can act and she is good at it (won an award)

Well.....she is just....

One word summary: CHARISMATIC 

That's all folks!

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