Saturday, November 16, 2013

[Awareness] Cancer is not always fatal but it sure does hurt

Hey guys,

I'm here to share my story on cancer. When I was younger I did not understand what pain meant. I did not understand what appreciation meant. Furthermore, I did not understand what hurt meant.

Then, it all changed. My grandmother was diagnosed with cervical cancer somewhere between year 2007/2008. I cannot really remember much. In fact, I can't really remember much about my life in those few years. Well, I'm not surprise since most people want to forget something traumatic.

What I do remember though is my mother would cry very often when we visit my grandmother. Sometimes, I see her cry when she's just doing mundane tasks. Sometimes, my mother would cry at any given time of the day, perhaps while thinking of my grandmother.

All I could remember is I would stay over with my grandmother on weekends (since I'm with her on weekdays for school) to take care of her. The grandmother who once, was strong enough to carry me on her back back in kindergarten/primary school is now so frail and fragile. I would bathe her for she couldn't do it herself without help. I would talk to her for she'll need someone to talk to. I would help her with her meals and with each step she takes, each action she struggles with, I will die a little inside.

Then one day, if I'm not mistaken, my grandmother shared with me these exact words, "I didn't want your mother to tell you about my condition". That's all I could remember. What more she said, I wanted to forget. All I know is, this was when I truly understood what love from a grandmother meant.

As I'm typing these words my tears can't help itself from brimming in the sockets of my eyes. It's not something I want to recall. You have no idea how much fear runs through my spine whenever my father tells me, "Your mother is going for a medical check up" or when my mother says, "Your grandmother is not well recently".

By the way, my grandmother survived cancer. She's still alive now and healthy. She's strong and she's my hero.

I love my grandmother very much. She cared for me since I was a little child. She showered me with love like no other. Even till today, she loves me more and never less.

Cherish the people you love and appreciate them while you can. Family is always the most important part of my life. Each of my family are a part of me. I love each and every single one of them and I believe you do as well.

Therefore, I would like to propose a call for action;

In the spirit of lifting the spirits of cancer patients going through post cancer treatment, I was glad to know that AXA AFFIN is collaborating with National Cancer Society Malaysia where AXA AFFIN will fund one day daycare to one patient for every outreach achieved among the blogging community. To us, one day may be a meager, but to those in need, it's a gift that they would cherish forever. 

If you have had an experience with someone diagnosed with cancer, do share. Even if you have not had such a grueling experience, share what you know about cancer. It could be about symptoms, treatments, preventions etc. Also, once you wrote your article do e-mail the link to Thank you.

With love,
Amy Lim 

My grandmother, my hero

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