Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcoming new year; 2013

The year 2012 is coming to an end! As usual, people are excited to talk about their new year resolutions and reflection on the past year. To join in the excitement, there are quite a number of things I am grateful for in year 2012.

I'm grateful list

#1 My family 

Families are not perfect. However, it is these imperfections that makes the whole perfection. We fight, cry, disappoint and etc but at the end of the day, family is always family.

#2 My love 

"I don't believe in love at first sight" - That is the truth. For me, love is like women. Something that you can never understand no matter how hard you try. In year 2012, I think we have went through one of the most times of ups and downs. However, at least, we are there for each other.

#3 Lessons learned in Monash

Monash is different compared to high school or pre-U. I am grateful that in year 2012, my first year in Monash has opened my eyes to the true meaning of hard work and discipline. You snooze, you loose! University life is the pre-quel of reality. This is the time to adapt ourselves to challenges.

#4 Celebrating another birthday for my grandmother

I am grateful that we celebrated another birthday for my grandmother this year. I wish to celebrate many more birthdays for my grandmother after year 2012. She is the strongest women I know in the family.

#5 My partner-in-crime aka best friend aka Nge-Nge's guardian aka Gabby Ng Chee Kar 

The title is self explanatory. Where else can you find someone as awesome as him to be your dearest friend? Al though a long distance relationship is sometimes frustrating but his jungle isn't that bad anymore. Nge Nge keeps him company teehee!

#6 My mama aka Kawee aka Kavidha Natarajan 

The title again, need no explanation. If there is one word to summarize someone who is always there to put your mind back to where it belongs, keep you sane, make you laugh, understands you inside out and so much more then please tell me that word. For the time being, I'll assume that word is Kaweeeeeeeeddddhhhaaa. Teehee!

#7 The opportunity to meet Poto, Gabrielle and Imran during a AIESEC conference 

#8 Changes 

I'm grateful for the changes I have undergone this year. From the unbelievably timid self to a stronger growing women. If I were to mention all the changes I experience in year 2012 it would probably be too long to be published in this virtual space.


In year 2012, is the stepping stone towards something big in year 2013. I am grateful that my dear Wei-Lim and annoying child David Nge is in this journey with me. I would have never achieved anything without them.

#10 Close bond with Sri Damai (childhood friends) 

I mean, we know each other since 12 years ago. How crazy is that?

#11 onecubetwo

I call it my family minus the blood relationship!

#12 Alive, healthy and still able to write this post

Thank you 2012 for a life changing experience.
Welcome year 2013 for yet another life changing experience!! =)

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