Saturday, December 22, 2012

End of the world 2012

Well call me a non believer but I don't believe in end of the world. Instead I believe in end of the world boring blog header!

Therefore, if you noticed, there's a new simplistic header in the house.

The header features two things, one is the goggle eyes and the other, moustache. I shall explain the reasons behind these two features. Firstly, many has claimed that I have big eyes. I'm not sure where they found that conclusion but instead of denying it these days I take it in as a compliment and embrace the natural-ness of my eyes (?) Right.... okay.... anyways!

You see, the thing about my eyes are, they're not perfectly the same size. My right eye is bigger than the left (a lot bigger) and sometimes it is rather weird to look at. Well, don't stare to long at it, al right? You'll get the goose bumps or shiver running down your spine. 

Secondly, the moustache. There is nothing really significant about the moustache in my life actually. It's just that I have a fondness towards the symbol. I find it really cute and quirky. Therefore, using it to represent myself sometimes.

So that's my new header, explained. Till then, look out for my Korea trip posts.

Cheers, still alive and kicking! =)

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