Sunday, November 25, 2012

[Personal] November in a glimpse

The month of November is almost over. I distinctively remember writing a blog article on the first of November wishing for an amazing month ahead. 25 days later I am wondering where did the month go to. So fast?!!!!

The truth is despite having holidays I spent half a November revising with le boy's for his exams and another half working on Loreal Brandstorm. Hence, I did not even have time to really sit down and have some me time which includes getting myself to write this blog article. So here I am recapping my month with the help of pictures.

(Mostly taken from Instagram, this is the importance of pictures for someone extremely forgetful like me)

Firstly I celebrate my mother's 48th birthday on the 5th. Then, I was invited to attend Taylor's University Awards Night. And guess what? AIESEC in Taylor's University was awarded best club (the most honorable award of the night, I was dumb founded)

A group picture;

My beloved Kavi and Richard, my team mates, my best friends;

Then the boy and I celebrated Deepavali eve with Kavi and Alvin.

Le boy also brought me to Bens and Nick's diner which served amazing food. My favourite was their mushroom soup.

We also celebrated Deepavali on the weekend's at Kavi's house. It was a potluck party so I whipped up some vegetarian dishes. My proudest moment would be the cream baked vegetables. Wan Sin really liked the prawn with egg dish. It was actually butter garlic prawns then I added the eggs into it.

The Sri Damai gang met up at Pitstop, PJ for our usual reunion/hanging out session/ dinner. As usual, I enjoyed my time with them tremendously! =)

The rest of the days it's just Loreal Brandstorm crazy. We have been going to Monash every single day of the week including weekends.

Also, the Christmas season is here and I am starting to have Christmas fever! Another thing worth mentioning is my new found love of healthy eating habits. I have been eating healthily avoiding all junk food, soft drinks and overly sugary food ( and I especially love Japanese food)

My favourite Cha Soba noodles (organic);

Udon, anyone?

That's all for now folks! =)

Till then.
Cheers, with love!

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