Sunday, November 25, 2012

[Music] A SNSD Review?

Hey all,

I have been listening to Korean Pop very avidly recently and here I am writing another review about...... *drums roll please* Girls Generation or also known as SNSD.

Girls Generation might give you an impression that it is just another girl group for eye candy, am I right? No! Girls Generation might be Western influenced from their songs to the way they dress on stage. However, this group of girls do have something to offer individually be it singing, dancing, acting or modeling.

My personal favourite song from Girls Generation will have to be The Boys, Paparazzi and Oh! However, I also prefer to listen to solo covers from individuals such as Tae Yeon's O Holy Night. Similar to what I did for KARA, here is my individual ranking for the girls!

Top 3 best vocalist 

Tae Yeon



Best natural beauty

Soo Young

Top 3 Most Stunning (Looks)  




Most Attractive Personality


Best Dancer in the group

Hyo Yeon

Most alluring 

Seo Hyun

Honestly I picked Seo Hyun as most alluring because in my opinion she is not the most attractive in terms of appearance, she does not possess the best talent in the group such as dancing or singing. However, as a frequent audience of their songs (not an otaku fan) I am always attracted to her charms. There is some sort of aura coming from her that just makes you want to know more about this singer. She is indeed very alluring compared to the other girls in Girls Generation.

I really salute their hard work and dedication in the industry. It is not easy to survive in the Korean Pop field. These girls has proven that they are actually worth all their popularity and fame in Korea, Japan and any other parts of the world. I hope they continue to release amazing music! =)

PS// I will write about T-ara next. Hopefull anti-fans who keep bashing them won't stumble upon my article.

Till' then.
Cheers, with love!

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