Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why, hello November! =)

For the love of food, that is the only thing that came to my mind when I wanted to write a blog post to celebrate the start of a new month, November.

This is my mum's roast pork stuffed with vegetables that I cannot name. The pork on the outside is tender, succulent and juicy. While the vegetables inside adds a tinge of flavor and saltiness to the overall pleasure of eating this dish. It's certainly heaven for a meat lover.

Another weekend, I went to my favourite Western dining restaurant at Bandar Utama called Kitchen Creatures. As usual, I ordered my personal favourite Spicy Beef Bacon Aglio Olio. When I choose a pasta selection I always go for Aglio Olio reason being, it's the most flavourful type of pasta style. (Also because I hate tomato based sauce and cream based is too filling and fattening LOL *Laugh Out Loud* - In case you don't know this already LOL)

Last weekend, which was the first weekend of October I was still in a battle with the God of Exam Papers. I tried Herbal Chicken Soup simply because I needed some protein to fuel the brain and it was soupy. Who doesn't like a good soup, right?

On Mondays (usually on Mondays) le boy and I will visit Upstairs Cafe for tea. He absolutely love their Red Velvet cake and we normally indulge in a sinful slice. Honestly speaking I don't really like the cake A LOT, not as much as he does. However, I love their Red Velvet cupcake. It has a more moist texture. Simply delightful!

Also, there is this place called Taiwan Yes at SS15, Subang Jaya. Their food is priced as value for food. This is their Fried Salty Chicken. It has a good crunch to it and it's really not that salty. It can be eaten with or without rice.

 Lastly, my awesome powsome partner in crime just came back from the jungle. We celebrate an advance birthday with him because he will be in the jungle during his actual birthday. (Honestly, we only met up ONCE when he was back for a week, busy busy child)

That is all for now, folks!

To end this post, here is how I looked like (for the last time) before I colored my hair AGAIN and CUT MY FRINGE into bangs.

Welcome November! =) *May we have a really wonderful time together*

Cheers, with love!

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