Monday, October 22, 2012

[PERSONAL] Food for the soul, exercise for the heart

They say, the only way to a guy's heart is through his stomach. Although, we do know that is not entirely the truth but there is one thing for certain. Good food, makes me very happy! =)

As usual, I will be a good daughter on weekends and stay home. Not that I do not want to be home on weekends. Come on, my mother cooks us good food during the weekend. Good food that I do not have to pay for FYI. Do you know how much it costs us students to eat in Monash campus everyday??? Not to mention if we have classes from morning till late evening. The amount of money we spent makes our course 10-30% more expensive. No kidding. I spend on average RM5 a day for food alone, beverage and is a whole different story, mind you.

Therefore, eating at home is blissful. Especially when your mother cooks a feast every weekend. Good ingredients, flavourful taste. You cannot ask for something better than this! =)

My mum cooked chicken stew. The ingredients includes carrot, leek, sausages and chicken (obvious ingredient, right? If not I might as well call it carrot stew or something). The chicken was tender and honestly, the sausages were sweet and juicy as well. It almost overpowered the main star of the dish which was the chicken. My rating 9/10. It's too good to resist.

Next, I requested for prawns and my mum made Nestum prawns for me. I love her so much. The prawns were amazing. The nestum flavour was not too strong and the sweetness of the prawns melts in your mouth. 1KG costs us RM20 only. How can you get that price elsewhere, right???

If one day I were to get a health check up I think my cholesterol level will be quite high. I do eat a lot of prawns on weekends but hey, I follow a healthy balance diet every single day okay. Or atleast, I try do to so. Every day, I will try my best to fulfill 5 portions of vegetables and fruits, 2 portions of protein and 1 portion of carbohydrates. For breakfast, I usually manage to get 1-2 portions of fruits, during lunch, it's 1 portion of vegetables, 1 of protein and 1 of carbs. Dinner is the hardest to fulfill. So it's the truth that I do try my best to have a balance diet every day.

My mum also made braised pork ribs but it was slightly burnt because she used the pressure cooker and it was too much for the leek to handle. I didn't like this very much because the leek was too strong and it overpowered the entire dish. Still a good and hearty meat dish for the meat lovers though! =)

Next, after all those eating. Exercise is necessary especially when your meals includes a lot of protein. For old people, it is not very wise to eat a lot of meat because it is bad for the heart. Even at my age (I am 19 years old this year) it is still, not too good to eat a lot of meat. Hence, daily exercise ensures the heart stays healthy.

I try to exercise 30 minutes every day to keep a healthy hear. I am aware that I am no longer the old super athlete younger me, which used to exercise for 2-3 hours every day. Hence, baby steps are good enough. Since, I just want to keep fit and not really intense training like previously.

That's all folks! =)

Remember to exercise daily and enjoy life with good food for the soul.

Cheers, with love.

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