Sunday, October 21, 2012

[PERSONAL] The end of 12 weeks in Monash

The last week of the 2nd semester in Monash is 6 alphabets. H.E.C.T.I.C. It is the last 7 days to complete all assignments due, research papers, quizzes, essays, presentations and etc. All in all, we have survived everything! =)

How old do I look in this picture?
On Monday, I had to brace myself to finish up my major research paper worth 50% of the whole unit. It was intense and nerve wrecking. Also, they were 2 other assignments due and a hurdle presentation to complete on Thursday. Nevertheless, it is over.

Yes, I only had time to take pictures after Friday, the day all my assignments are completed and done with. Hence, on Friday, we had lunch at Simons, USJ10 (Taipan). They have a lunch set promotion and I ordered an amazingly succulent sambal beef rice at RM6.90 only. The beef is really tender and the sambal sauce is very flavorful. Definitely a must try and I'll order this dish again.

Also, in the evening, ARTENTECH had our first meeting to discuss our pre-case challenge requirements and task allocations. We met up at Upstairs Cafe and their red velvet cake is the best so far I have tasted. One slice is RM8 and it is not enough, I recommend getting 2 slices!

Other than that, a new apparel store just opened at Tropicana City Mall. It's called Mirrorcle and their clothing ranges from blouses, shorts to dresses and formal wear. All at affordable prices as well from RM15 and above. I bought a dress at RM19.90 from there and it's absolutely adorable.

In addition, I also bought one of their shorts. It has a really sweet floral print and there were more than 1 colors to choose from. It costs me RM37.90, more expensive than the other shorts available but the quality is more comfortable.

I changed my Facebook profile picture again! =P

My sister, is so cute. She is too adorable and she has very pretty eyes. In my opinion, she is actually better looking than me! ^^
To end this random post of mine, my family had authentic Korean dinner today. My favourite would have to be the BBQ beef and prawns. The beef is very succulent, sweet and juicy. It was a medium well done beef and it melts in your mouth. Amazing dinner, enough said.

Nothing makes me happier than good food. Okay, except for some people. Anyways, food for the body is not enough, we need food for the soul! =)

Cheers, with love.

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