Saturday, October 6, 2012

[Personal] My October schedule

Well, you see, I come and look at my blog every day despite not having new post. It's just a very comfortable platform to be at so I'll be putting up my own schedule here to keep reminding myself of the time I have left for each to-do.

7th Oct- Contemporary Worlds 2 online assessment
8th Oct- Introduction to Communication research paper due
              LTtT faci meeting
              Comm meeting
9th Oct- Journalism online news story 2 due
              Dinner with Onecubetwo
              Comm meeting
11th Oct- LTtT faci meeting
12th Oct- LTtT
13th Oct- LTtT
14th Oct- LTtT
17th Oct- In-class presentation Journalism hurdle requirement
18th Oct- Major Gender studies research paper due
19th Oct- Academic reflective journal Journalism due
23rd- National Comm meeting
24th- National Comm meeting
31st Oct- FREAKING FINALS OH EM GEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay me. Bye bye.

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