Sunday, October 7, 2012

[Journal] Hello, October! =)

Welcome to the month October, the month of assignments week after week, day after day until final exams greets us at the end. It is a month of sleepless nights and endless hair pulling.

I started of my entire week of October worrying about a research paper that is still in process of completion and due date is less than 24 hours. Well, which Monash student won't be burning the midnight oil this month, right?

In the midst of an assignment frenzy month I still managed to purchase this gorgeous Fuschia dress from Zalora online. Al though I bought it one size too big for me since I couldn't estimate how the size will be. This is a UK8 and I'm a UK4/6 so it hangs loosely over me but it's still a good fit despite the bottom being too drape like.

This is Healthy C Juice from Tea Chansii. The drink is more pricey than Chatime at RM8.90 but it is a healthier option. The tea comes with slices of lime and oranges, aloe seeds and jelly. The sugar option is 30% so you can taste bitterness in the drink. Now, that's what I called a good refreshing juice! =)

Then again, right after a healthy juice my grandmother cooks me the most amazing pork and squid in oyster sauce dish. I distinctively remember telling her I liked it very much last week and here she is whooping up another this week. I love her! =)

Thursdays are filled with whole day tutorial classes. From morning all the way until the evening. Therefore, when it comes to the last class of the day, which is Journalism I'll usually be fighting to keep myself awake. This week was different. I managed to pay full attention to the lecturer! Why? This time, unlike usual, I did not sit in front of the laptop. Also, someone drew this meme on the whiteboard. I love our Journalism lab! =)

This was taken this morning at 2AM when I was still burning midnight oil for my research paper. I have yet to complete it and will aim to do so today. As it is due tomorrow and I have a habit to finish all assignments a day before. No earlier, no later. *Such a weird working habit, I have*

The highlight of my week, is related to the picture above. On Friday, Wei-Lim and I had lunch with Kavi. We ate at Nirvana's Banana Lead rice. One of my absolute favourite but quite pricey compared to a lot of other banana leaf rice. Usually we have lunch with our biffle couples on Fridays. We call them our biffle couples because Kavi is Wei-Lim's biffle and Alvin is my biffle! =)

However, this Friday was different because after lunch Kavi and Wei-Lim didn't have classes to attend so we decided to catch a movie. We watched Hotel Translyvnia in 3D. Guess what! 3D movies at Summit USJ GSC costs only RM7. That is a super amazing price for a 3D movie. The movie was fun, quirky and has a very good sense of humor. Very suitable if you're just looking to have a 1hr and 30min of fun and laughter. Not a very deep and intellectually challenging plot.

That's what we did for the day. Or so I thought it was the end. At 8PM, David called to go out for 'yumcha' session. It was so random but hey, who cares! It's with the gang. So I said yes, made Wei-Lim come and fetch me as well since I hate driving at night. Yes, I have a certain degree of night blindness and it's almost insane for me to drive at night because I'll feel like as though I'll run into something any second.

Anyways, we met up at British Coffee House, SS2. They open 24 hours so it was the perfect place to just sit and burn the night away. David brought Elicia and Kavi, while I came with Wei-Lim. So that makes 5 of us! =)

I don't remember what we talked about because it was one topic after another. Nonetheless, it was an amazing night. I also tried their carrot with milk drink and it's yummy! Very healthy as well. We went home past mid night and trust me, it was all worth it. Though I came home and bashed myself up verbally for not doing research paper that day. Still, worth it cause I love them so much! =)

Cheers, with love.

*Here is to another amazing week ahead! *

PS// My week starts on a Sunday.

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