Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New section 1114A to be revised in Malaysia?

Malaysians experiences a chilling effect due to a new law amendment.

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On the 14 August 2012, an Internet blackout day took place. This campaign organized by the Centre of Independent Journalism aims to create awareness about the new Section 1114A to the public.

Section 1114A or also known as Evidence (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 2012 was introduced in May. Is this law really containing cybercrime or surpressing freedom of speech on the Internet?  Abigail de Vries from the Centre of Independent Journalism says it creates a chilling effect against anyone to speak freely on the Internet.

What this act does is it presumes the fact of publication. The victim is no longer innocent until proven guilty and this law reverses all court procedures. The government approved this law with the intentions of combating terrorism.  Netizens now have to self-censor all the contents they publish online. Section 1114A instills fear of freedom of speech since this law accuses the victim.

Anil Netto, the treasurer of Penang-based Aliran and also an online blogger gives his views on the empowerment of Section 1114A among netizens. “I think people should continue campaigning for greater media and online freedom and not let up in the struggle for greater freedom of expression”, he says.

Check out a short interview on Abigail de Vries from the Centre of Independent Journalism views on Section 1114A below.

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