Sunday, September 30, 2012

[Fashion] Little red riding hood

My sister dragged me to Markets at Jaya One yesterday (29 Sep) so I decided to do some shopping there. Markets plays host to at least 20 vendors of online blog shops and small businesses. The vendors sold clothes, shoes, jewelries, note books, food, customized trinkets and etc! =)

So I was looking for a galaxy printed dress that I have been eyeing online forever, but instead, I bought a red collared dress. Total damage for this dress was only RM25. It's a steal and I love the dress. The dress is made of thick cotton so it's perfect for a chilly weather. I'm thinking to wear it for my Korea trip this coming December.

This dress is free size and the bust area is a little too small for me while the sleeves are too big. I reckoned you to find a similar dress that fits you perfectly because I think this design would suit any girl similar to my age, which is around 18-20 years old (I'm 19 this year). It gives you a simple yet elegant look. Very suitable for innocent/cute images if you're going for that kind of look.

Lastly, just something random to share. I really admire IU, a Korean artist. She is my age, 19 years old this year (but according to Korean culture she is 20). Anyway, I fell in love with this dress at first sight because it is similar to something she always wore for stage performances. Therefore, it explains why I'm doing my first fashion post with this dress, hahah! =)

I hope you liked this post, if not, I'll improve on the next one.

Cheers, with love! =)

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