Sunday, September 30, 2012

[Food] My cooking adventures

It's mid-semester break for Monash students. Being a University student would mean eating out very frequently and often times eating a lot of unhealthy meals out side. Meals that aren't very balanced for our diet. Either that, it's meals that costs us a bomb. Therefore, this holiday I decided to cook my own meals since I could afford the time to do so. So, my cooking adventures began here! =)

Monday's menu was beef stew.

The key ingredients were beef, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and carrots.

Tuesday's menu was honey glazed grilled chicken.

Honestly speaking, it's my very first time cleaning and prepping a whole chicken. It felt inhumane at first because it was as though I was holding an innocent dead body that was sacrificed for our hunger pang's. I have no idea what I'm babbling about but mind me, it was delicious. 

The key ingredient was nonetheless, the chicken itself.

Wednesday's menu was fajita wraps. The filling consists of mushrooms, caramelized onions and minced pork.

Thursday I didn't cook because I had plans. Friday's menu was apple pork soup! =)

It's definitely an experiment to mix pork with apple in a soup but it was definitely worth the risk. The soup turned out very savory with natural sweetness to it. The apple's texture became like white carrot's aka lobak so it was not odd at all to have it with the soup.

I definitely enjoyed cooking my own meals and sharing them with my boy. If only I had more time during school hours to cook lunch everyday. Perhaps the next holiday I'll come up with more addition to the menu.

Cheers, with love! =)

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