Thursday, September 20, 2012

[News review] Rare diamonds on display in Hong Kong

Information on this 12.27 carat pink diamond ring on sale
The latest news on the internet about rare diamonds are definitely going to capture a huge masses of female's attention. An Anglo-Australian mining firm is going to display 75 rare pink, blue and red diamonds in Hong Kong. Rio Tinto is also the firm that unearthed a rare 12.27 carat diamond in February, the largest diamond existed found!

Well, we know money cannot buy happiness.....or so they claimed. I don't know, it makes my face beamed just by looking at these pretty rare diamonds. Not that I like to wear them anyways. The only thing I ever wear is my silver necklace dawned with a pendant since 10 years old. Still, these news is just so mind blowing.

Read more of this precious diamonds from Perth now.

Cheers, thank you.

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