Monday, September 17, 2012

[Music] Kpop KARA's Pandora

I have been attempting to finish up my research paper on global culture. The best companion I had during this intense research is KARA's pandora. Even if you don't understand Korean, this song is so catchy you just could not stop listening to it and feel pumped up.

It has a very futuristic ambience in the music video. Their dance move is very fast paced and it makes you feel energetic just by watching them dance to Pandora. Also, the part whereby they sing, "crush, crush" is very interesting. As though, inviting you to dance along with them to their song.

This is the first time I liked KARA's music so much. Therefore, I decided to do this review and share with you a few member's I identified and found interesting.

Among the 5 members of KARA, I voted best vocal, most attractive, best dancer, most matured look and sexiest appeal to each of them.

Best vocal, Gyuri! =)
Most attractive, Seung Yeon! =)
Most matured look, Ji Young! =)

Best dancer, Nicole! =)
Sexiest appeal, Hara! =)
Overall, they compliment each other very well. There are a few members who stood out to me more than the rest and they are Seung Yeon, Gyuri and Ji Young. Nicole and Hara does not seem to stand out in the music videos. However, I actually heard of them first from variety TV shows beforehand.

Good job to KARA's new songs Pandora and Step. Two very nice upbeat music. Keep on fighting! =)

Cheers, with love.

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