Monday, June 18, 2012

Reflection on my life; Part 1

Part1; Education and responsibilities 

I have been doing a lot of reflection lately during and after final exams. It has come to a point whereby I started questioning my passion in life and what exactly am I set out to achieve. Yes, true, the past year has taught me a lot and the experience I gained is priceless. However, time and time again I asked myself, "So, what do you want in life?".

Taylor's Foundation in Communication

I graduated from Taylor's Foundation in Communication a year back in 2011 with a CGPA of 3.5. It was a fruitful one year and many opportunities were thrown my way along the journey. However, there are two things that I realized now;

  • Monash University
  • AIESEC *Will talk about this in the next post

Monash University

After I graduated from Taylor's I enrolled myself into Monash University to pursue a Bachelor of Arts and Social Science major in two fields, Journalism and Communications. It is this year 2012, that I realized being a University student is like no other. Monash does not spoon feed their students. You are responsible for your own education and there have been times whereby I struggled with my assignments. It is during then that I realized the responsibilities of a student, which is to study hard and smart.

Honestly, I have never studied so hard in my life. To a brink whereby exams were all that I could think about. To fail or to pass is all in our own hands, not our lecturer, not our parents, not the institution but our own hands. We determine where we would want to go in life after all.

There are two things that I would really love to do while pursuing my studies in Monash;

  • Join the debate club 
  • Join MUSA, student council

And of course to work harder next semester to obtain a CGPA of 3.8.

Debate club
Back in high school, I was my school's public speaker. I have competed in public speaking competitions and met people of various cultures with different opinions and outlook towards life through the speeches that they proudly presented on stage. I enjoyed speaking to public about my outlook on life and yearn to actively engage myself in debates and public speaking opportunities once again.

There are many things that I wish to do in my life, such yearning includes public speaking but there is one that  is incomparable to many others, which will be revealed soon.

Cheers, with love!

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