Monday, September 10, 2012

[Event] Taylor's Asaban Festival 2012

2 Sep 2012, Subang Jaya- Last Sunday I went for Taylor's Asaban Festival. Honestly, I go for comic conventions and Japanese culture related events so often that I find the events very repetitive every year. However, there are highlights for this year's Taylor's Asaban Festival and it has to be the cosplayers dancing to Oppa Gangnam style.

Taylor's University The Grand Hall.... *must be very grand indeed*
Cosplayers dancing to Oppa Gangnam style in between Asa and Ban
In Japanese, Asa means day and Ban means night. That is also one of the reasons Taylor's named their Japanese culture event Asaban because it is one of the only anime and comic convention that is divided into both day and night agendas. It is almost like an anime event in the day and traditional Japanese cultural event at night. Perhaps, think about Comic Fiesta and Bon Odori combined into two whole days.

One of their Ban agenda is a Lantern walk. *Plus, moon cake festival is just around the corner*
If you stare long becomes deadly scary!!!

Things just became serious with the scariness....

Boobies, boobies everywhere.....yikes!

Taylor's University lakeside campus the lake! #youdon'tsay another abuden moment

Looks like the ducks in Taylor's Lakeside campus are neve forever alone, teehee!

Cosplayers, when they are not posing for the camera....amazing candid shots...why so photogenic?
*Super photogenic cosplayers*

The sun sets.....Taylor's University Lakeside campus's library has #lame
The event lasted two whole days from morning till late night. This year had the biggest highlights such as the cosplay competition, HaKu's appearance on stage and an amazing JRock concert. What is next for year 2013?

Stay tuned...until then...

Cheers, with love! =)

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