Sunday, September 9, 2012

[AIESEC] Dirty Little Secret

8 Sep 2012, Selangor- AIESEC in Malaysia organized an event called Dirty Little Secret. Are you curious about one of the largest youth-run organization's member's dirty little secrets? Well, it all revolves around one thing, what AIESEC means to them. Here are their dirty little secrets, revealed.

We are out to achieve and impact youth across nation! *Well, at least, we strive our best in doing so*
An extended family, you say? 
Well, I have to agree with that. Through AIESEC I met people whom are the most important people in my life right now. Most of them are the people I turn to in times of need. Also, when it comes to enjoying life, they are definitely at the top of my list. Just to name a few close to my heart are Gabriel, my Onecubetwo team and Le Porcupine King (Imran). Yes, yes and of course, my boyfriend.

What's not to love about these people? *Look at the superstar model on the far right*

That's just it, isn't it. An extended family. I wonder what other people's dirty little secrets are because it does not seem so much of a secret anymore.

Mine explaining to us what you meant by RAwR? Well, well, well I guess we just have to wait for more upcoming posts to find out.

Here is a little sneak peak! =)

Cheers, with love.

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