Monday, July 23, 2012

People age by a year, I aged by two years!

[Picture Essay] because I am too lazy to compose a short novel tonight!

What happened on 21 July 2012, Saturday?

The morning call
Wei-Lim, my boyfriend, texted me good morning as usual and he told me he just woke up. At that time, I was already eagerly waiting for his arrival at 8AM because he asked me to be prepared by then. Moreover, he then called me and asked me to drive over to his house instead.

I was so lazy to drive and was wishing I could teleport myself there. It took me longer than usual to get downstairs to my car and when I arrived, there were balloons and gift cards scattered across the windscreen. 

I was searching confusingly for him around the parking lot and he appeared with a bouquet of roses for me. By the way, 21 July is also our first year anniversary, it was the same day, last year he asked me to be with him. Honestly, 21 July 2011 was the best day of my life because it lead me to everything after that. He brought me to the Botanical Park in Shah Alam after that, which is the place we went during New Year's. 

We spent the whole day together, had lunch at Fat Spoon Damansara Uptown, one of our favourite diners. In the evening, we were suppose to have a romantic dinner at Ben and Nick's diner in Subang Jaya but little did I know, Wei-Lim planned something else for me. It was a superb evening~!

The menu at Fat Spoon is constructed like a children's story book. Their food has quality and the ambience is amazing~!!

A bouquet of roses from my dear, my birthday is also our first anniversary together~!!!

He called everyone close to me and all of them surprised me at Ben and Nick's. I love all of them dearly~!!
After a long yet memorable day, I came home to a surprise gift from my sister. She bought me a Stitch pillow~!!! 

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