Tuesday, February 28, 2012

AIESEC in Taylor's University Elections 2012

AIESEC in Taylor's University is organizing our elections on 3rd of March, Saturday from 9AM to 5PM. It has been a blink of an eye this term. While 7 months has passed, it is the time of nostalgia and reflection.

In the beginning of term 2011/2012, all of us were strangers to each other. Well, at least most of us were.  Throughout the course of our term, friendships were bonded and our relationship with each other strengthen. Some even more than usual.

I as part of the Executive Board of AIESEC in Taylor's University 2011/2012, is proud to call these people, my team mates;

Local Committee President: Kavidha Natarajan
(Local Committee Vice-Presidents)
Non-Corporate Relations: Richard Moh 
Corporate Relations: Carmen Lee
Youth Development: Alexander Wong
Talent Development: Tee Wei-Lim
Strategic Initiatives: Soo Wan Sin
Communications: Raymond Leong
Project Management: Amy Lim Su Yen
Talent Development Director: David Nge Chee Keen

They will always be close to my heart. Meanwhile, I wish all the candidates for Executive Board of AIESEC in Taylor's University 2012/2013 all the best of luck. Being an Executive Board member in AIESEC is A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE!

Malaysia Local Development Seminar Gala Dinner at Bangi Golf Club

Chinese New Year celebration at Kavidha's house

Youth to Business Forum 2012
Bollywood wannabes!
David's farewell dinner. We will wait for you to come back. You will always be part of the team! With love from all of us.
To be part of this team, is the greatest gift I could ask for.

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