Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Love is in the air

What is love? 

In my opinion, this topic is harder to explain than leadership. This is what I found on Facebook.

Credits to Best Quotes on Facebook.

Honestly, I am fresh to this topic. Often times, we tend to gush over romantic movies and wish our lives would be similar to those of the main characters. Provided, there is a happy ending to the movie. I am curious though to understand what others think of the word LOVE. 

So what is the plot of your movie?
(Do comment on this post on your definition of love)


  1. Love, it won't work out if you love someone but that someone doesn't love you back.

    Love, it is never wise to decide based on the appearance, it is about the personality that could go along with yours (vice versa) and more importantly, the feelings you have for that person.

    Love, you need to have both sides caring, helping and always be there for each other.

    Love, is not something that happens naturally. Someone have to give in order to receive.

    Love, is not something you can play around with by simply sharing it with more than one person as you wish. (This excludes the love towards parents and siblings of course!)

    Love, is it temporary or everlasting ?
    That is a question for the lovers to think about.

    By: -444-

  2. Love is being comfortable in a supposedly awkward silence. Love is doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company. Love is you and I in a dimly lit classroom, watching a movie. Love is your fingers intertwined with mine. Love is me saying ‘no’ to you but kissing you anyway. Love is you tracing your finger down my features, remembering them. Love is me fixing your collar when it’s all wrong. Love is the taste of your lips on the tip of my tongue in moments I miss you most. Love is you putting your arms around me and singing to me softly. Love is me picking up my phone in the morning, knowing I would have a message from you. Love is me knowing just exactly where you want to have lunch every single day. Love is you letting me pick the place for lunch even though you would prefer having it elsewhere. Love is me reading to you as we lie on our backs under the sun.
    Love is you and I... and everything that we do.