Saturday, August 6, 2011

I am an AIESECer!

Hey everyone,

It has been a busy period for awhile now. Look at the last blog post until now. It has been months. Nevertheless, I am back with a blog post.

How often do you hear someone say that there are an AIESECer? Do you want to be part of AIESEC and lead a change in society? Do you want to develop your leadership skills? Do you want to expand your global network?

AIESEC is a global youth run organization. Present in 107 countries. Engaged by 50 000 youths.

Three words. Leadership. Exchange. Experience. Joining AIESEC has its many benefits and one of it is you are given the platform to enhance and discover your leadership potential. Nobody was born a leader. A leader has to first discover his or her own true potential and our AIESEC way will ensure you are able to develop leadership skills through activities and life changing experiences such as exchange.

International exchange provided by AIESEC also encourages international exposure. Expand your global network and work with people from around the globe. Share your ideas, troubleshoot them with a group of like minded people.

Experience. This word alone is the core of my passion for AIESEC. Join AIESEC if you want to gain experience that you cannot get out of text book or classroom learning. Experiences are like gold and AIESEC  way is the way for you go on about live and experiencing the many wonders that comes alongside.

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It's awesome to be an AIESECer. :)

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