Sunday, June 26, 2011

AIESEC in Taylors University AGM 2011

AIESEC in Taylors University had our Annual General Meeting yesterday in campus. This day is the day we mark an end to an amazing term. As mentioned and described by Wing Onn, Local Committee President 2010/2011 I would say this term had been a bed of roses. Something beautiful but has its thorns. 

Listening to Wing Onn talk about his journey with his team. The achievements and non-achievements of every individual responsible in each department. It has really provided me with much motivation. Motivated to start a new term. To experience the ups and downs that will be encountered in this journey. To go through the toughest of the toughest times and to enjoy the wonderful moments that would come with it.

Not only that, not forgetting the people that we would be able to meet and work with. The people that we will be able to impact be it through our membership programs, international internships or Go Exchange! Sook Theng told us it is the lives we are able to impact that makes AIESEC an amazing organization. 

I would not say my life right now is full of wonderful events and happenings. I do not see the reason why I should allow unpleasant things to hold me back from moving forward in life. Therefore, I am looking forward to an amazing term with AIESEC in Taylors University Executive Board 2011/2012. I love my team.

Executive Board of AIESEC in Taylors University 2011/2012
Local Committee President: Kavidha Natarajan
Vice President of Finance and Administration: Soo Wan Sin
Vice President of Communications: Raymond Leong Ching Mun
Vice President of Corporate Relations: Carmen Lee
Vice President of Non-Corporate Relations: Richard Moh Kai Yih
Vice President of AIESEC Experience: Tee Wei Lim
Youth Development Director: Alexander Wong Qing Zhe
Youth Development Director: Victoria Lim Wan Yek
Talent Development Director: David Nge Chee Keen
Tomorrow Project Director: Joey Ooi Jie Joe
Vice President of Project Management: Amy Lim Su Yen

Looking forward to go through all the sunshine and storm with every AIESECer in Taylors University. Lets do this! Are you with me?

“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.”
- Sven Goran Eriksson


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