Saturday, September 27, 2014

Why Malaysians should go back to Malaysia

Hey guys,

I have been in Australia for about 8 months now and I realised my perception towards Malaysia has changed.

Prior to my journey in Australia I had always have negative comments about my own country. However, after spending 8 months abroad and looking at Malaysia from afar I realised, "Hey, Malaysia is amazing. We just don't see it until we look at it from afar".

Here is the thing, every country have problems. If I were to ask, "What complaints do you have about Malaysia?", there are probably a list from A to Z you could list down.


If you have the opportunity to study abroad, learn the culture and ways of doing things there but you do not come back and implement these new found knowledge to help create a better Malaysia then Malaysia will never improve.

Malaysia will only improve if we, the children of Malaysia come home and help improve it.

The temptation to stay with the supposed promise of a better career choice in Australia was strong in my first months in Australia.

However, as the months passed by I realised, Australians will always look out for their own country. Why am I, as a Malaysian not doing the same for my own country?

Maybe, maybe Malaysia is not as good as we want it to be now but if we start now, if our generation starts making a difference, slowly but surely, Malaysia can change.

Today, 27th of September 2014, I had the chance and opportunity to attend Graduan Australia Recruitment Drive and listened to a lot of passionate individuals from Malaysia speaking of their aspirations and dreams to make Malaysia a better nation.

The time is now, we can change Malaysia.
The moment is coming, Malaysia is the future.

I have my dreams and goals. As a Malaysian, I will contribute back to Malaysia because this is how it should be. Perhaps I will not reap the benefits of Malaysia today. However, slowly but surely, the future in Malaysia is bright.

A Malaysian who cannot wait to be back in Malaysia; Amy Lim

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