Monday, January 6, 2014

6.1.2014// The word today is kindness #100happydays

I have just finished grabbing everything I need for tomorrow's lunch. There are two packets of frozen fish belly I have been wanting to purchase, packets of frozen corn, Japanese mushrooms, a few tubs of 100% fat free yoghurt in various flavors and chocolates in the shopping cart. That is about all I need for a week's worth of meal considering it is only for lunch. As I was walking towards the check out counters I am already wondering what to prepare for Sunday's dinner with the team. 

Eventually, I found myself situated behind two separate couples at the check out counter on the left. I fiddled with my mobile phone while waiting and as the couple in front of me is beginning to leave I put my items on the conveyer belt. However, just then, a middle age looking woman was queuing behind me with only a detergent on her hand. 

Without hesitation, I made this hand gesture indicating she should go ahead of me. An expression of surprise panned across her face. Simultaneously, she was puzzled yet grateful towards me. I just smiled at her as she advances to pay her item while I patiently waited for my turn next. As the cashier was scanning the item the lady asked me, "Ni shi ben di ren ma?" (Are you local?). This was the beginning of a short yet pleasant conversation. 

I think she talked to me to fill up the waiting time since I let her go first though it was suppose to be my turn. Regardless the reason, it was nice to have had a quick chat with a random stranger who appreciate your kindness. Also, I did not stop smiling after she left because I could see the delight in her eyes when she thanked me again and said good bye. 

Sometimes, you just do not know when a random act of kindness could make someone's day. It could be allowing someone behind you to go first at a check out counter. It could be waiting for someone to enter the lift before pushing the 'close' button though they might be quite a distance away. It could be holding a door open for someone behind you at public complexes. It could be any random act of kindness!! 

Go on, just do it, just do one random act of kindness and the pleasure of doing it will encourage you to make it into a habit.

I myself, have three random act of kindness that I practice as a habit. 

  1. I always hold the door open for someone behind me at public places
  2. I will always wait for someone to enter the lift as long as I can see them already from a distance
  3. I will always stop my moving vehicle to let someone cross the road (usually not at zebra crossings)

Perhaps I will add one more to the list of habits, always allow someone behind you at the check out counter to pay first regardless of the amount of items they have in their shopping cart. Simply because, it makes me happy to be appreciated and to see the delight in their eyes when you have done something kind for them.

Cheers, Amy Lim Su Yen.

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