Friday, October 28, 2011

Personal: People who are close to my heart

It has been a while since I blogged about my personal life. Moving on to another chapter in my life was not an easy task. Leaving behind me the high school life I once had and stepping out of my comfort zone was a mind blowing experience.

Besides getting myself into college, I am glad I joined AIESEC. In AIESEC, I have met a lot of people who are close to my heart. Being in the Executive Board also made me feel like I have gained another family outside of family. If you understand what I mean.

EB team picture taken during AIESEC Taylors Awards Night 2011

Being in a team does not just mean work. Personally, being in a team enables me to understand more about them. All of them are people who I would always cherish. People who I would give my best towards. I love my EB team, (From left to right) Alexander, Victoria, Wei Lim, Kavidha, David, Raymond, Joey, Carmen, Richard and Wan Sin.

Recently, we celebrated Alex's 21st birthday at a steamboat restaurant. It was a Sunday evening, we decided to coincidentally meet up in Lakeside and bump into Alex. I wonder if we were obvious? Well, Alex seemed surprised, alright, maybe not but I am glad we celebrated with him. It was an evening that I will put into my, "never to be forgotten" memory box.

Alex's birthday dinner at Tasty Pot, Mentari Court
We also celebrated Deepavali at Kavi's house. After every session we had together I feel as though I got closer to them. It does feel like family when I am with them. I wonder if they feel the same? It is true joining AIESEC is about self development and improving my skills. However, it is more than that for me.

I have met people from AIESEC who will always remain close to my heart.

Tee Wei Lim, my boyfriend.
(Also Vice President of AIESEC Experience)

Yap Jia Yi, my best friend.

Kavidha, she's like my elder sister.
(Also Local Committee President of AIESEC in Taylors)
Cham Zhi Yi, my little sister. (Also Organizing Committee President of RAwR)

Gong Zee Haw, my enemy and biffle.
(Also team leader of Youth Development)
Joey and Carmen
(TOMORROW project director and VP Corporate Relations)

Wan Sin and Victoria
(VP Finance and Admin and Youth Development director)
David Nge, very very annoying.
(Also Talent Development director)

Alexander Wong, favorite word "Kanasai", super nice also!
(Also Youth Development director)
Raymond Leong, heart of  gold
(Also Vice President of Communications)

Richard Moh, my Ji Mui
(Also Vice President of Non Corporate Relations)

I love them. AIESECers of Taylors University.

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  1. U're so enjoying ur university life!! glad to see this!!! :D