Monday, September 19, 2011

BRATs Malacca Day One and Two

This year, The Star R.A.G.E organized three BRATs Young Journalist Workshop as usual at Kota Bahru, Alor Star and Malacca. I was given the opportunity to senior Alor Star and Malacca this year around. Would it not be boring to attend so many workshops? The answer is obvious, most definitely not because every BRATs workshop I attend is a different experience.

Chien Teng (middle) with BRATs Malacca 2011
BRATs Malacca 2011 was held from 1st to 4th of September 2011. We stayed at The Straits Malacca throughout the workshop. Can you imagine being together with more than 40 teenagers for four days? Well, it was one fun filled workshop putting aside the stress they faced while doing their assignment.

As senior, we went there together in the morning. Jason drove Chien Teng, Sarenraj and I all the way to Malacca. Two thumbs up to Jason since we all survived the trip. 

Usually the first day of The BRATs workshop is spent in the hotel. Talks were given to prepare the BRATs for their field assignments the following day. Jason ( presented a crash course on photography, Sharmila Nair made them aware on the Do's and Don'ts during interviews and Social Media presentation by Niki Cheong.

This time around, I really like their field assignments. We brought them to Jonker Street on Day Two and they had the chance to interview owners of business such as hand made soap, traditional beaded shoes and traditional delicacies such as moon cakes and pineapple tarts.

Captain BRATs on their field assignment at Mei Zhong Yuen, a local pastry shop

Original lotus paste biscuit (left) and Pandan lotus paste biscuit (right)

Mr. Low Kim Piow, owner of Mei Zhong Yuen confectionary 
Did you check out The Star R.A.G.E for their article on this? 

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